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51-627 Wroclaw

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The basic scope of design services:

  • Electrical installations:
    • electrical and power systems cooperating with BMS
    • power distribution in facilities (main switchgears, switchboards)
    • power, receptacle, and lighting installations
    • lightning protection, ground, equalizing connections, and overvoltage installations
  • Power networks and appliances:
    • construction and equipment of transformer stations
    • MV, LV and outdoor lighting cable and aerial lines
  • Automation and control systems:
    • control and industrial automation systems
    • electric energy consumption optimization systems
    • EIB systems ? "intelligent building"
    • system integration (monitoring, system management)
  • Low current systems:
    • telephone and computer systems - structural network
    • fire alarm systems (SAP)
    • anti-burglar systems ( SSWiN ) and television systems (CCTV)
    • electroacoustic and notifying systems (ELA)
    • electronic access control systems

Because of a large team of experienced designers, the Office offers also advisory and engineering services in the scope of preliminary power balances and optimization of constructional and operational costs.

In the designed objects, Candela uses modern technical solutions which enable the intelligent management of the building technical devices (BMS) and the monitoring of operating conditions of selected parts of the facility power system, among others, by means of EIB and LON-Works standards.

The designing process is supported by authorized programs of acknowledged manufacturers.

The experience and youth, as well as the latest computer-aided design techniques enable technical documentation to be always professional and on time and allow us to meet the high expectations of:

  • Domestic investors (e.g. government, local authorities)
  • Foreign investors
  • Architectural offices
  • Deputy investors
  • General contractors
  • Trade contractors
  • Local public utility companies (electric power industry, telecommunication)

Upon request, CANDELA Engineering Office elaborates documentation in foreign languages, taking into account national, international, and EU standards and regulations ( IEC, ISO, ETSI).

Having our own typographical devices and the Technical Support Department enables us to provide prompt and high-quality services.

We hope that our offer will meet your expectations and that it will allow us to establish a mutually beneficial co-operation.